A data-driven approach to managing chronic health conditions.

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Our Digital Health Platform

Collate real-time data from daily health events, into a single picture of consumer well-being.

VitaCloud allows caregivers to create smart health profiles of their users, by combining several variables that affect the human potential - vital signs, physical activity, sleep patterns, diet, medication, genetics, environment and others.


Always Learning

Track physiological changes that occur during an illness or over the course of a normal day, allowing for the creation of a personalized health baseline for every person. Our intelligent and context-aware platform will detect any outliers or deviations, and trigger necessary interventions.


Secure & Scalable

Our secure, scalable cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with over a hundred health devices and apps, via REST APIs, Bluetooth connections and even directly with sensors in the mobile phone.


Combine varied health datasets to glean contextual insights


Deliver personalized experiences and engage better with consumers


Understand the relationship between lifestyle and vital signs


Uncover potential health events and trigger timely interventions


Our platform integrates with a large set of digital health sources


Accelerate the pathways to delivering personalized and effective care.


Get started with one of the options below, to address the continuum of preventive to curative services.



Build your own care program with our comprehensive SDKs and APIs

Digital therapeutic program that empowers people with chronic conditions to live healthier lives.


Please speak with us to identify the right product for your business needs.




VitaCloud uses digital tools and smart health devices to make the care process more effective.

Our solution can be deployed standalone, with our fully configurable healthcare kit that includes dashboards, a mobile App and bluetooth devices. Customers can also integrate the VitaCloud offering into their own applications, via our Health and Wellness API.

VitaCloud is Trusted by

A home health company

For monitoring patients

The health arm of a major MNC

For managing chronic health conditions

A digital wellness company

For engaging users better through data

A large health insurer

For incentivising policyholders to stay healthy

About Us

VitaCloud envisions healthcare to be more proactive, continuous and data-driven. Our single most important goal is to help businesses manage, motivate and incentivize consumers, to extend their healthy lifespans.


We are dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the market that combine the power of mobile, cloud, data and analytics.

Our Partners

VitaCloud's partner ecosystem extends beyond five countries and comprises of digital health players with one goal - improving outcomes. If you would like to have your smart device, wellness app, diagnostic lab or another smart health application integrated on our platform, please write to us at

Meet the Team

Vinod Shankar

Co-Founder, Business

Rohin Bhargava

Co-Founder, Product

Rahul Vinod

Co-Founder, Technology

Bharat Potla

Founding Member, Data Science